Utkal Grameen Bank
Sponsored by State Bank of India

1 Accounts closed before 12 months (does not include transfer between branches) Rs. 110.00
2 Banker’s Cheque Upto Rs. 10,000.00 -  Rs. 20.00
> Rs.10,000.00       -   Rs. 3.50 per 1000.00
Min. Rs. 30.00, Max. Rs. 7,000.00
3 Issuance of duplicate Banker’s Cheque / STDR Rs. 70.00
4 Issuance of Demand Draft Upto Rs. 10,000.00  Rs. 30.00
> Rs.10,000.00  Rs. 3.50 per 1000.00
Min. Rs. 50.00,  Max. Rs. 12,500.00
5 Issue of duplicate Demand Draft 50% of applicable exchange, Minimum Rs. 110.00
6 Revalidation/cancellation of Draft/Banker’s Cheque Rs. 100.00 for draft
Rs. 50.00 for Banker’s Cheque
7 Cheque returned charges Cheque drawn on us:
(i) Insufficient fund
(ii) Technical reason
(i) Rs. 75.00 + other Bank’s charges if any
(ii) Nil
8 Cheque sent for collection Upto Rs. 5,000.00 Rs. 20.00
> Rs. 5,000.00 upto Rs. 20,000.00 Rs. 4.00 per
Rs.1000/- minimum Rs. 35/-
> Rs. 20,000.00 Rs. 4.50 per Rs.1000/-
min. Rs.90/- Max. Rs. 12,000/- + out of pocket expenses
9 Cheque bills deposited return unpaid outstation  
10 Handling charges for cheque return unpaid
(i) Outstation Cheques
(ii) Local chequest
(iii) Collection of deposit receipts on maturity
(iv) Local bills
(v) Outstation bills
(i) Cheque upto Rs.10,000/- Rs. 40.00
(ii) Cheque over Rs.10,000/- Rs. 60.00 + all out of pocket expenses
Rs.30/- per instrument
Collection Bank shall levy charges as applicable to remittance. In case of local charges as applicable to bank’s cheque be levied Rs.60/- per bill 50% of the prescribed collection charges
11 Duplicate Pass Book / statement (i) with latest balance Rs. 80/-
(ii) Rs. 80/- per ledger folio (40 entries) for previous entries (additional)
12 Enquiry relating to old records (more than 12 months old) Rs. 50/- per item
13 Postal and telecommunication tariff
i) Ordinary post
ii) Regd. Post for instruments below Rs.50,000/-
iii) For instrument above Rs. 50,000/-
Rs.15/- or actual whichever is higher
Rs. 5/- (onward ordinary)
+ Rs. 5/ (return ordinary)
Rs. 3/- (clerical)
Rs. 60/- or actual which is higher
14 Stop payment instructions (All type of accounts) Particular cheque – Rs. 25/-
Range of cheques –Rs. 70/-
15 Ledger folio charges i) No charges in SB/CA with credit balance
ii) In CA debit balance Rs.70/- per folio
16 Minimum balance service charges i) SB (ordinary) Rs. 40/- per quarter
ii) SB (Cheque facility Rs. 80/- per quarter
iii)C/A (individual) Rs.120/- per quarter
iv) C/ A (others) Rs. 120/- per quarter
17 Issue of deposit at call receipt
(payable at branch of issue)
Rs. 110/- per receipt
18 Charges for excess debit entries in SB account (Above 50 per ˝ year i.e. 6 months) Rs. 20/- per entry
19 Safe Deposit Locker (Annual Rent) Rs. 750/ p.a.
In case of loss of key of the locker, a service charge of Rs. 220/- has to be recovered from hirer in addition to the actual expenditure incurred for breaking open the lock by manufacturer of lockers.
20 Standing instructions Rs. 100/- per Standing Instruction
21 Safe Custody charges
i) Scrips (for each scrip)
ii) Sealed cover (for each cover)
iii) Rs.80/- per scrip.Minimum – Rs.200/- p.a. or part thereof
ii) Rs. 160/- per cover p.a. or part thereof
22 Issue of cheque book i) SB A/c - Rs. 2.00 per cheque leaf (20 leaves free in a financial year)
ii) C/A Rs. 2.50 per cheque leaf.
23 Telegram Rs. 30/- or actual whichever is higher
24 Charge for drawing SB cheque for less than Rs. 50/-. Rs. 20/- per cheque.