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Farmer's Club
In As on 31.03. 2009, 475 Farmer’s Clubs have been formed by our Branches with the assistance of NABARD. The Farmers’ Clubs, ,apart from disseminating the 5 principles of lending ,have been playing pivotal role in creating awareness among the people in the Rural areas on following :
  • Socio Economic development of the villages.
  • Collective bargaining power.
  • Increase in credit flow and diversification of lending.
  • Inculcation of habit of thrift among the Rural populace.
  • Stabilisation of Banking habits of Rural Mass/Deposit & Lending habits etc.
  • Increase in recoveries and knowledge of keeping the loans in standard categories.
  • Capital formation by increasing production & productivity.
  • Community mobilisation-JLG/SHG formation.
  • Capacity building of members of farmers club / group dynamics /Leadership development.
  • Financial literacy & credit counseling.
  • Capacity Development for Business & Enterprises orientation.
  • Adoption of New & appropriate technologies, commercial intelligence through direct contacts, literature, visuals etc.
  • Linkages with development Agents like extension services of Govt., KVK, Bank etc.
  • Linkage with market/corporate house, technology Institutions.
  • Collective approach for commercial transactions, Net working with the value chain and financial inclusion.
  • Expansion of vision through .Exposure visits, demonstrative projects etc.
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